Reseller Finder System

Do you wish to increase your B2B sales? You must read this.

Online B2B is one of the biggest markets. Its size is more than $8 TRILLION USD.

If you are a manufacturer, you probably want to increase your products promotion as much as possible.

There is the option to do what everyone else is doing: increase your distributors' network.

As you know, working with distributors is an important channel for every product owner or manufacturer.

You can also sell mass quantity to one shipping address, which is another good channel for small businesses to increase sales. 

All you need to do, is create a mass price list (if you don't have one yet…)  and invite distributors.

However, how do you find distributors that are relevant to your product? Searching using a regular search engine is one of the biggest time killing tasks! and IMECAFF are proud to present: search for relevant B2B partners/ distributors to increase your sales. Powered by IMECAFF.  

IMECAFF can help you target distributors and online retailers that will sell your product online based on drop shipping or fulfillment, affiliates for B2C marketing, websites for collaborations and every other channel that will cover your omnichannel marketing. We will learn your needs and help you to target the best results.

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